Lasagna alla bolognese

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Lasagnes bolognaise2 

Lasagna is both a form of pasta in sheets (sometimes rippled, though seldom so in Northern Italy) and also a dish, sometimes named lasagne al forno (meaning "oven-cooked lasagne").
This is made with alternate layers of pasta, cheese, and a meat sauce or tomato sauce.

Lasagne alla Bolognese uses only Parmigiano, Bolognese sauce and nutmeg flavored bechamel sauce.

$ 60.00 the dish
Serves 8 to 12

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Eleonora 01/02/2017 18:39

I'm Italian from Emilia where Lasagna Bolognese comes from.
The pasta in your picture is the one they use in southern Italy while in Bologna (northern Italy) we use a very different kind of egg pasta, totally smooth.